About Me

I am a passionate, detail-oriented architect who possess strong analytical and research skills and tries to work in favor of our environment.

Speaks: Persian, English

Date of Birth: 8/09/1995

Shaghayegh Mahmoudi
Iranian Architect

I was born in a family with an artistic background. My mother’s father, Morteza Karimi, was a famous poet, painter and a stage designer, and I remember how he taught us painting as a child.

To me art is much like life, Unforgettable to the ones who understand it’s depth and a meaningless colored canvas to the ones who skim through. But architecture is different, without you knowing, it forces it’s meanings to you and changes your mood, habits and behavior. All of these of course are multiplied in interior design, since we spend most of our time in close environments.

My main goal in life is to Channel my energy to impact on the world, in a way that changes it’s Direction towards peace among humans, animals and nature and I hope to be able to do that through architecture.

Software Skills

Educational Experiences

High school diploma
GPA 18.28, Farzanegan high school, Tehran, Iran

Bachelor of Sience in architecture
GPA 17.12, Ahrar Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Guilan, Iran

Master of Architecture
(Going on)
Built Environment Interiors, Politecnic University of Milan, Milan, Italy

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